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Mentorship: The Benefits Of Mentorship

What Are The Benefits Of Mentorship?

The benefits of mentorship are widespread. Mentorship has the power to accelerate the professional development of mentees as the mentors share knowledge, experience, and expertise. Within mentorship arrangements, it's expected that there will be several benefits for mentees but there are also a considerable number of benefits for mentors. A few benefits of mentorship have been captured below:

Benefits To The Mentees

  • Mentees are equipped to navigate through challenging situations with ease as they receive knowledge and effective strategies from mentors
  • Mentees are given the opportunity to learn from the previous mistakes of their mentors and subsequently make fewer mistakes during their professional journey and expedite their success
  • Mentees have a springboard for innovative ideas and receive timely encouragement to contribute courageously to their work environments
  • Mentees gain a reliable accountability partner for growth-centred goals
  • Mentees are encouraged to express themselves in non-judgemental sessions where vulnerability and personal integrity are respected, and confidentiality is upheld 

Benefits To The Mentors

  • Mentors boost their self-esteem through mentorship as the value they bring to mentees is recognised while they provide guidance and consistent encouragement
  • Mentors experience joy whilst observing their mentees grow in confidence, improve the scope of their abilities and flourish in their chosen careers
  • Mentees experience great satisfaction as they recognise how rewarding it is to bring value to mentees
  • Mentors can develop and tailor their communication styles and strengthen soft skills such as empathy as they partner with mentees to ensure the mentorship brings maximum impact for the mentees
  • Mentors can witness first-hand how the challenges they had experienced and overcame professionally were not in vain as they share insights with mentees 

The JEM scheme on offer supports female professionals aged 18-30 to walk in excellence in the workplace by focusing on demonstrating 10 Pillars of Excellence. It runs for 5 weeks with follow-up sessions available and provides several benefits for mentees. For more information, please email