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About Jahmella Encourages

Jahmella Encourages was formed in September 2017 with the mission of encouraging young professionals aged 18-30. Encouragement is provided through nonfiction self-help books, which offer support for both professional and spiritual development, and through a 5-week mentorship scheme promoting a culture of excellence by focusing on 10 characteristics to be demonstrated in the workplace.

Jahmella Encourages draws inspiration from the Christian faith, in particular 1 Thessalonians 5:11. The vision is to see young professionals excel due to learning from the lessons of others, and from benefiting from tools and strategies to ensure that they thrive during life’s storms.

Jahmella Encourages Key Values

Transparency of lessons learned from the past and present as well as expected future professional and spiritual growth.

Operate honestly, demonstrating reliability by following through with communicated intentions on agreed timelines. 

Regardless of where you currently are on your journey, you're thought of highly because simply put, you're important.

The Jahmella Encourages Approach: The 3 E's

About The Jahmella Encourages Logo

The logo features the letters 'J' and 'E' which is an acronym for Jahmella Encourages. However, there's a greater meaning behind the design. The 'E' is partially hollow and the 'J' positioned higher up, is full. The message here is that encouragement lifts people to reach new heights even when the Encourager is weak, fragile, or tired. No matter what we go through in life, we're always able to encourage someone. A dove located on the top of the 'E' represents an aspect of my Christian faith; it symbolises the presence of God. This logo reveals that despite our imperfect state, it's God who empowers us to be able to encourage others.

About Jahmella Robinson

Jahmella Robinson is the Founder of Jahmella Encourages and is a multi-award winning entrepreneur. She has around ten years of professional experience in the financial services sector, with assignments including Consulting in Risk with reputable organisations such as Deloitte, Norinchukin Bank, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Morgan Stanley.

During this time, Jahmella found inspiration to share lessons learned from her professional career as well as from life, in general, to encourage and build up others. She is an avid writer and has been writing short articles of encouragement for several years having been featured on a number of international blogs. Jahmella is an emerging British author who has published two motivational books 'And The Walls Came Tumbling Down' (2018) and 'Fruits At Work' (2021).