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Which documentation is included initially?

Mentees will receive a registration form, a mentorship agreement and a confidentiality agreement.

What's involved in the initial consultation call?

Prior to this call, at least one conversation with mentees would have occurred regarding their suitability for the JEM scheme, my suitability as their mentor and their suitability as my mentee. The consultation call is an opportunity for me to gain a better understanding of how mentees currently operate in a professional setting prior to the sessions in order to maximise the effectiveness of the mentorship calls.

Can mentorship calls be rescheduled if I'm unable to attend the planned time slot?

Rescheduling a pre-arranged time slot for mentorship calls will be possible provided there is time free in my calendar during that week. Whilst I do ask mentees to make a commitment to attend their arranged time slots, I understand that on occasion unforeseen circumstances could arise. I will always try my best to accommodate mentees. Please be aware that rescheduling a mentorship call could delay the completion of the scheme.

What is the benefit of the additional 2 monthly mentorship calls that are included in the Standard and Professional packages?

These mentorship calls provide mentees with additional support following on from the 5-week scheme. They provide mentees with a useful opportunity to discuss their progress against the 10 'Pillars of Excellence' holistically and to both discuss and resolve any challenges that may have arisen.

How long will it take to receive the JEM journal?

A password-protected digital version of the JEM journal will be shared with mentees via email prior to the first mentorship call. Whilst a hard copy will be posted, this could arrive within 5 business days of the start of the JEM scheme.

What is included in the Professional CV review?

The high-level CV review captures findings and provides recommendations for enhancement. The key factors covered include layout, structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, as well as a review of the content throughout the various sections within the CV. This service is provided to build the confidence of mentees as their strengths are reinforced.

What if I'd prefer to not make use of the JEM journal?

The JEM journal is central to the JEM scheme and is a fantastic tool for tracking the progress of mentees against the 10 Pillars of Excellence. As entries are reviewed at the start of the weekly mentorship calls, it's important that the JEM journal is updated.

What's involved in the optional prayer?

The prayer, if requested, provides mentees with an opportunity to release concerns to God during the sessions.

Are refunds possible?

Unfortunately, the JEM scheme is non-refundable. Mentees should think carefully about whether they can commit to the duration of the scheme prior to registering.

How long will it take to receive my Certificate of Completion?

A password-protected digital version of the Certificate of Completion will be shared with mentees within 48 hours of completing the JEM scheme.

A hard copy of the Certificate of Completion will be posted to mentees within 5 business days of completing the JEM scheme. If mentees haven't received their certificate within 10 business days, they should get in contact with me at