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About the JEM Scheme

We spend 40 hours of our week interacting with employers, and co-workers in the workplace. Establishing a healthy work environment can be difficult at times. The constant deadlines, difficult co-workers and unreasonable demands often cause stress that negatively impacts our physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Even in difficult environments, God calls us to walk in the fruit of the spirit and be a light in dark places.

Whether you're repeatedly making mistakes, struggling to find your fit, losing motivation to complete projects, or having a hard time being your authentic self, you most likely could benefit from receiving support.

It might be the case that you're so keen to progress that you've realised you're losing yourself in your attempts to climb the professional ladder. Let me help you to put your best foot forward in the workplace. Be sure to progress the right way with the support of the JEM scheme.

What's On Offer?

This 5-week mentorship scheme for Christian female professionals focuses on 10 Pillars of Excellence to be demonstrated in the workplace. Each week focuses on 2 characteristics that fall under 1 of 3 focus areas: (1) Self, (2) People, or (3) Progression. 
Mentees are provided with a JEM journal for weekly entries to be made which track the progress of the application of the contents of the mentorship calls. 

For more information, please see the JEM scheme FAQs here.

Which Packages Are Available?


Why Choose The JEM Scheme?

- Sessions with a Certified Christian Mentor & Change Management Practitioner
- Mentor with 10 years of professional experience
- Growth-centred rather than problem-oriented approach
- Optional prayer with each session

For information pertaining to fee structure, call 07535 811 633 or send an email to