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Books: Why Did I Write A Book?

Why Did I Write A Book?

The year was 2016. The month was December. 2016 had been a particularly challenging year and I was seeking direction going forward. As someone practising the Christian faith, I was very prayerful in the midst of my sorrow. That's when it happened! I received clarity on what I was supposed to do. Now whether you believe in God or not I think it's important to own your truth and this is mine. God told me to do three things: to continue to serve locally at a homeless drop-in, to serve abroad in an orphanage and to keep writing spiritially encouraging articles. I’d been writing for the last 5 years at that time so I was happy to continue. It was a relative who suggested that I also begin writing my story and when God confirmed this during the first week of 2017, I knew I had to be obedient. I love to be encouraged, and I love to encourage others. 

What Solutions Am I Providing For My Readers?

Firstly, I felt (and still feel!) that there was a widespread need for encouragement, be it spiritually, mentally or emotionally. By writing my first book And The Walls Came Tumbling Down, I aim to relieve readers, especially those aged 18-30, of the pressure to pretend that they're okay when they're not. The book aims to restore hope to readers who feel like their flaws are too great and this is achieved by being a walking testimony of God's goodness and transforming abilities. In the book, I suggest dropping the façade of perfection and strength; I do so by leading by example where I encourage reliance on God for inner transformation.

Secondly, the book should inspire the younger generation to work hard to achieve what is laid on their hearts. There are many dreamers, but few take action, possibly because they don’t know how to go about it as they haven’t been shown that example. As someone raised in South East London without much, I provide an example of how to transition. I strongly believe that if I was able to discipline myself and make the necessary sacrifices to achieve what was laid on my heart, then there's hope for others to do so also.

Thirdly, while the book isn’t specifically targeted at the older generation, it can provide them with timely reminders; especially the final section entitled 'Encouragements'.

What Do I Hope My Customers Will Get And Feel When They Read My First Book?

Readers of
And The Walls Came Tumbling Down will be empowered as they’re taken on a journey which reveals how I got to where I am today but more importantly who got me there. They’ll be exposed to my entertaining upbringing, unexpected health battles, once-in-a-lifetime mission trip experience, unusual faith journey, professional life, and a collection of uplifting encouragements.

The book offers guidance to anyone hoping to change their circumstance be it to achieve a life goal or to change their mindset when facing life's storms. It reinforces the idea that it's important to be free from the burden of pretending to have it altogether all of the time, and emphasises the need to trust God in order to overcome life's obstacles be it internally or externally.
Where Can Customers Get A Copy Of My First Book?

Right here 😊

The book is also available for sale online on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Xlibris and Waterstones.

Where can readers hear more about  Jahmella Encourages?

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