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Books: What Is Your Second Book About?

What Is Your Second Book About? Many working professionals want to progress in their careers but find it a challenge to progress the right way.  The right way? Surely that would imply there's a wrong way to progress. Yes, that's what I'm saying! You see for many people, especially women who through no fault of their own seem to still face ceilings in their professional careers, there can be pressure to climb the ranks in a way that neglects walking in excellence. My second book hopes to be a voice of reason to prevent this.  The book covers the '10 Pillars of Excellence' which are to be demonstrated in the workplace. These pillars are explored throughout the JEM scheme. These are introduced briefly below: 1) Joy Are you a joyful person? Is your joy impacted by situations that arise at work? 2) Self-Control Do you have self-control? You can't control others but you can control yourself. Do you manage your emotions effectively? 3) Love Are you a lovi
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Books: How To Promote Your Book

How To Promote Your Book Publishing a book is a massive accomplishment in itself so if you've made it this far, well done! There are many reasons why writers publish their books but the most common reasons is to earn an additional income from their passion for writing. In cases such as these, it's wise to promote publish books effectively. Below I have listed 7 useful methods to promote your book. 1) Book Launch (Guest Speakers) Holding a book launch is an effective way of drawing attention to the fact that you've published a book. Friends, family, work colleagues and neighbours will typically make the effort to support you in this experience. In order to draw a wider audience, it's useful to invite guest speakers not only because they can speak on a topic relevant to the theme of your book but because they can draw additional audiences to your book launch event. The more attendees you have, the better the exposure and the greater chance of increased sales. 

Books: Why Should You Decide To Write A Book?

Why Should You Decide To Write A Book? Here are 5 reasons why I strongly suggest you make the decision TODAY to write a book: 1) Tell Your Story There is and will only ever be one you. You're truly unique and you see all that you've been through in life through a particular  lens.  Will you allow readers to join you on that journey? Will you allow readers to tap into your perspective, from your joys to your sorrows?  Write a book. 2) Leave A Legacy I don't mean to sound morbid, but I reckon if we were extremely honest with ourselves, once we do move on from Planet Earth we'd love to be remembered on Planet Earth. Very few will come into fame but it's still possible to leave a part of yourself behind through literature. I'm sure you'd love for your great grand kids or great grand nephews and nieces (let's keep this P.C!) to have an opportunity to not only learn about your life but to be able to learn from your life. Don't deny them that oppo

Books: Why Did I Write A Book?

Why Did I Write A Book? The year was 2016. The month was December. 2016 had been a particularly challenging year and I was seeking direction going forward. As someone practising the Christian faith, I was very prayerful in the midst of my sorrow. That's when it happened! I received clarity on what I was supposed to do. Now whether you believe in God or not I think it's important to own your truth and this is mine. God told me to do three things: to continue to serve locally at a homeless drop-in, to serve abroad in an orphanage and to keep writing spiritially encouraging articles. I’d been writing for the last 5 years at that time so I was happy to continue. It was a relative who suggested that I also begin writing my story and when God confirmed this during the first week of 2017, I knew I had to be obedient. I love to be encouraged, and I love to encourage others.  What Solutions Am I Providing For My Readers? Firstly, I felt (and still feel!) that there was a w