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Books: What Is Your Second Book About?

What Is Your Second Book About?

Many working professionals want to progress in their careers but find it a challenge to progress the right way. The right way? Surely that would imply there's a wrong way to progress. Yes, that's what I'm saying! You see for many people, especially women who through no fault of their own seem to still face ceilings in their professional careers, there can be pressure to climb the ranks in a way that neglects walking in excellence. My second book hopes to be a voice of reason to prevent this. 

The book covers the '10 Pillars of Excellence' which are to be demonstrated in the workplace. These pillars are explored throughout the JEM scheme.

These are introduced briefly below:

1) Joy
Are you a joyful person? Is your joy impacted by situations that arise at work?

2) Self-Control
Do you have self-control? You can't control others but you can control yourself. Do you manage your emotions effectively?

3) Love
Are you a loving person? Do you uplift others with your words?

4) Peace
Are you a peaceful person? What are you like during high-pressure situations?

5) Kindness
Are you a kind person? You might be kind to others, but are you kind to yourself?

6) Long-suffering
Are you a patient person? What are you like when you train your colleagues?

7) Goodness
Are you a good person? Do you perceive your colleagues to be inherently good?

8) Gentleness
Are you a gentle person? Do you respond to colleagues with gentle communication or do you use harsh words? 

9) Faithfulness
Are you a faithful person? Are you committed to your current employer or client?

10) Forgiveness
Are you a forgiving person? Do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake? Do you forgive others when they offend you?

Stay tuned for more information regarding my second book and of course, the exciting book launch which is expected in the next 12 months!