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Books: Why Should You Decide To Write A Book?

Why Should You Decide To Write A Book?

Here are 5 reasons why I strongly suggest you make the decision TODAY to write a book:

1) Tell Your Story

There is and will only ever be one you. You're truly unique and you see all that you've been through in life through a particular lens.  Will you allow readers to join you on that journey? Will you allow readers to tap into your perspective, from your joys to your sorrows? Write a book.

2) Leave A Legacy

I don't mean to sound morbid, but I reckon if we were extremely honest with ourselves, once we do move on from Planet Earth we'd love to be remembered on Planet Earth. Very few will come into fame but it's still possible to leave a part of yourself behind through literature. I'm sure you'd love for your great grand kids or great grand nephews and nieces (let's keep this P.C!) to have an opportunity to not only learn about your life but to be able to learn from your life. Don't deny them that opportunity. Write a book.

3) Position Yourself As A Subject Matter Expert

I'm sure you've heard this point before but it's so true! If you're passionate about a particular topic, from health and wealth to motherhood and education, write about it! Chances are you're more knowledgeable than you realise. The trap occurs when you feel discouraged from sharing your knowledge and experience with others due to comparing yourself with those in your circles / networks; the readers of your book could definitely be those outside of that arena but those keen to get into that arena. Believe in yourself and the value that your existence brings to others. Write a book.

4) Encourage A Child, Teenager, Adult, New Parent

It's increasingly common to believe that we don't have enough knowledge or experience to encourage someone else. I've lost count of the number of times this lie has circled my mind. Whether you're thinking about writing an educational or humorous children's book, a short novel for a teenager, an epic thriller for an adult or a comforting guide for new parents, there's great value in it. Write a book.

5) Accomplishment

It's considered a massive accomplishment to have not only started writing a book but to have completed writing a book and better still, to publish the book. It demonstrates both faithfulness and integrity which is valuable and sought after in every sphere of life. Write a book.

What Support Is Available For Aspiring Authors?

Stay tuned for the next event or e-course which will cover the topic of publishing. You'll be able to hear about the experiences of published and unpublished authors firsthand, as well as gaining an awareness of the different publishing routes.